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Design and debugging of antenna of Wavelink tire pressure monitoring system

At present, all kinds of vehicles need to be equipped with tire pressure monitoring. In the development of tire pressure monitoring system, the core part is not the system development, but the design of antenna performance. The performance of antenna will directly affect the quality of data transmission, and it is an important factor to improve the transmission power of automobile tire monitoring sensor. Because the antenna of the tire monitoring sensor is close to the valve, the following factors must be considered when designing the antenna:

1: Shielding of tire wire,

2: Reflection effect of rim metal,

3: When the wheel rotates at high speed, the antenna changes direction and angle continuously,

Therefore, the following factors must be considered in antenna design:

1: Polarization selection, linear polarization is easily affected by the antenna attitude, and the rotating wheel requires relatively high polarization of the antenna;

2: When the antenna is connected with the RF module, the impedance matching problem needs to be solved, which is also the focus of the antenna design;

3: Because the tire pressure sensor is installed in the tire, it is affected by the body and antenna movement, mainly on the antenna gain, pattern shape, impedance (resistance and reactance);

4: Miniaturization design. The antenna installed inside the tire must consider miniaturization design. The working frequency is 433.92 MHz and the wavelength is 691.37 mm. The conventional antenna size must not meet the requirements. Haixuan electronics recently invested research and development projects in the built-in antenna of tire pressure monitoring. Hisense electronics is committed to all kinds of antenna R & D, design and production, welcome to contact us!